About Us

Action Air Conditioning is a leading provider of high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment for the residential and commercial industry. We are committed to helping our customers through advanced products and unsurpassed repair and installation services. The products and services we offer help customers reduce energy costs while maintaining a high level of comfort.

Our History

Working for over 23 years in the industry, Action Air Conditioning service is one of the leading air conditioner repair and installation service providers in Shreveport & Bossier City, Louisiana, and surrounding areas.

Shreveport and Bossier City trust Action Air Conditioning for all types of HVAC service and repair, including A/C units, furnaces and heat pumps.  All makes and models services.

Since our inception, Action Air Conditioning service has focused on only objective … surpassing customer expectations of quality. With our commitment to quality and a passion to improve lives, we have managed to meet our objectives with every single job.

Today, Action Air Conditioning has become one of the very few companies in Shreveport with primarily referrals and repeat customers. Despite an expanding customer base, we have maintained a small but efficient team of dedicated professionals who have in-depth expertise. We have extensive experience in HVAC repair and installation services, both residential and commercial.

Our Mission

At Action Air Conditioning, our aim is to make people feel comfortable in their homes and businesses. As a result, we provide our customers with innovative HVAC solutions and exceptional quality air conditioning repair and installation.

Our Core Values

At Action Air Conditioning, we have chosen three core values – excellence, integrity, and agility – as the basis of our company culture. Hence, these values have remained the primary reason behind our success for more that 23 years. We aim to continue using them to create value for our customers.

Excellence: We promise and deliver value that goes beyond customer expectations.

Integrity: We are proud of our reputation as a trustworthy and reliable company which we have built over many years by consistently doing the right thing.

Agility: Since we operate in an industry where the comfort of our customers depends on our services, we stay alert to our customers’ needs and ensure prompt delivery of high-quality services to them.